Let's perfect your writing together!

Blogging? Publishing? Social Marketing?

You can’t afford errors in your writing! Publishing errors or appearing less than professional on your blog could cost you readers and future work. Don’t let that happen to you! Hire a professional proofreader to catch these errors before your audience sees them. Let me help you shine!

About Me

My “red pen” skills in everyday life have become my career! I got a degree in math education then had my two sweet babies. Being a stay-at-home mom to two of my favorite people has been the best job for the past two years. Now, as they get older, I’m so excited to step out on this new adventure. As a graduate of the Proofread Anywhere course, I am ready to perfect your writing! 

Christa Heiser


What to Expect:


A Proofread Anywhere graduate, I’m trained in the use of CMOS, but willing to work with clients to apply any style preferences desired.


I have experience working with Google Docs, Word, and PDF documents for annotation.


My lifelong “red pen” tendencies are now your best friend! Attention to detail is a given when you partner with me.


Time is money! I value your time and will always return your projects by the deadline agreed upon.


I can proofread your blog, website, book, college papers, social media posts, or anything else that involves words! Let me handle the details; you can focus on content and products!


Social Media
Need to polish your professional image on social media? Let me create a custom package for you, starting at just $10 a month!

For Google, Word, or PDF documents, I charge $2/page or $22/hour.


For blogs, emails and websites, I charge per word or per hour: $0.008/word or $22/hour.